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Morris & Opazo and AWS carried out Workshop on Machine Learning and its multiple advantages to improve internal processes

Morris & Opazo y AWS desarrollan Workshop sobre Machine Learning y sus múltiples ventajas para mejorar procesos internos

With a crowdy participation, on last June 6th in the AWS headquarters in WeWork (Santiago), Morris & Opazo and AWS carried out a workshop on Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Machine Learning aimed at members of IT departments in the private and public sectors.

As part of the sustained dynamic, attendees were able to delve into different concerns, acquire knowledge and practical experiences that, in their own judgment, “will allow you to apply them within each of your daily tasks in your companies and institutions”.

Regarding the issues raised, it is important to note that currently Morris & Opazo, an AWS Advanced Partner, has been implementing different Big Data projects complemented with Machine Learning through the Artificial Intelligence services provided by AWS, including Sage Maker.

Also, as part of the topics addressed during the WorkShop, there were: Introduction to Machine Learning, AWS Machine Learning stack, Introduction to Amazon Sagemaker and processes executed by Sage Maker, as follows.

In relation to this service (one of the multiple options offered by the AWS platform), the occasion was favorable for the facilitators by Morris & Opazo, Marcelo Rybertt (Country Manager), and William Guzmán (Chief Operations Officer), they gave a practical phase in which they approached the operation and the multiple advantages of the use of Sage Maker.

Some appreciations of the participants were immediate. “This meeting will help us complement previous training and also learn how we could implement them in our institutions,” said Patricio Aguilera, a participant from the Ministry of Health.

For Rodrigo Gaeza, from the same institution, the space has been timely because currently “we are in a modernization project, in which the Machine Learning services, fraud detection, among others” stand out.

On the information received, Hernán Castro, assistant of the Ministry of Health, clearly expressed that “they are very happy with this experience, they have been very generous with the knowledge imparted and we are very eager to continue learning about these processes that we are sure will allow us to improve our day-to-day management “.


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