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Amazon Web Services Summit, Chicago 2017

Amazon Web Services Summit, Chicago 2017

And finally the AWS Summit 2017 in Chicago came to an end. At first glance it might seem like just one more event in the area of Informatics. Another meeting of people you probably have never heard of, or you think they will never have to do with you or your personal, professional or work life. But it’s not like that. Far from that actually, and at Morris & Opazo we tell you why.

Let’s start by remembering what is AWS. It’s not just another acronym -Amazon Web Services. It is an intellectual and technological alliance that Amazon officially started in 2006 -which already represents more than 10 years experience for starters- and to which some very important companies have been adding from industries so diverse like software, entertaining, foods and financials. Companies such as Dropbox, Foursquare, Netflix, Adobe, Dow Jones, General Electric, Harvard Medical School, Hitachi, HTC, IMDb, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Lamborghini, McDonalds, NASA, NASDAQ OMX, Nokia, Pfizer, Philips, Pinterest, Samsung, Scribd, Siemens, Slack, Sony, Spotify, Square Enix, The Weather Company, Ubisoft, Unilever, the U.S. Department of State, the UK Justice Ministry, Vodafone Italy, and WeTransfer among many others, have put their trust in the cloud-based computing services offered by Amazon through its Amazon Web Services platform.

Great. Amazon is a company that develops software used by very important and well-known enterprises all around the World, and now they held an event in Chicago IL. But what does it mean to me if I don’t work in the software or computer sciences area, or in any of the companies associated with Amazon, or I don’t live in United States?

Let’s take a look at some of the speakers invited to the event so we can understand how could we benefit (no matter our professional or working area) in a short-term future:

You get to your home, turn on your TV and prepare to watch a movie on Netflix but still haven’t chosen one. So you simple let Netflix pick one for you. In that moment you may be enjoying the system that uses the logic developed by a team work who was initially led by Adrian Cockcroft, speaker in the AWS Summit 2017 and Vice President of Cloud Architecture Strategy in Amazon Web Services.


Matt Wood, Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial de Amazon Web ServicesNat Natarajan, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Producto y Tecnología en Ancestry

Probably you have wondered where does your family tree come from, and you may have asked yourself how complex it would be to track your family origins.

Short answer: very complex. Mixing and sorting billions of historical records and millions of family trees is a complex task that demands a strong research commitment and a huge amount of time and dedication.

Fortunately there is a knowledge field focused in these kind of studies, and Matt Wood (Department of Artificial Intelligence in Amazon Web Services) along with Nat Natarajan (Executive Vice President of Product & Technology, Ancestry) have put all of their experience and knowledge in this type of scientific challenges within reach for the audience of the AWS Summit.

Mitch Shue, Gerente de Tecnología de Morningstar, Inc.

If you had the chance of investing some extra money in a business different from your current work, how would you invest it? What company would you trust with the future of your projects? Would you consider to discard proposals that come to you, even without your permission? These doubts and many others may come to your mind, and all of them would require a deep statistical, mathematical, financial and personal analysis.

Or you could also go to a company exclusively dedicated to these tasks: investment funds analysis. Companies with experience and infrastructure to recommend you the best choice in your particular case. Companies like Morningstar, Inc., where Mitch Shue works as CTO.

Escarapela Marco Morris
These four professionals are just some examples of the speakers in this Cloud-Computing Summit. Each one of them shared with us during two days their experiences and coaching tips to Engineers, Scientists, Administrators, Managers, Technologists and Technicians that arrived to the event with questions, on-going projects and ideas to execute. All of them (in one way or another) focused to an audience eager to improve their quality of life, with needs that increase and change constantly. An audience of which we are all part, regardless of our current professional, work or commercial activity.




Marcelo Rybertt Nass , CTO, Morris & OpazoEverybody eventually needs to go to a Medical Service. And probably in the doctor’s office we can see titles, degrees, diplomas, certifications and acknowledgments. These items may tell us the rofessional we have in front of us is willing to keep up-to-date in his area, his specialty. And that interest for expanding our knowledge and acquire new skills is what allows Morris & Opazo to offer our clients the best solution for each project.
Our experience added to our thirst for knowledge gives us the security to offer our clients the best in each area of software development. We understand that each client is unique and the project must be executed the best possible way with the tools and techniques available to us, and that’s why we attend to events that allow us to stay up-to-date with this purpose.

Profesionales Amazon Web Services

Events like the Amazon Web Services Summit held in Chicago IL enrich ourselves with experiences from professionals who also want to be in the cutting edge of the most important technological tools. Technologies that become competitive advantages for our clients, responding with greater agility and quickly accepting the business dynamics demanded by their respective markets

By attending to these events, we at Morris & Opazo are able to offer our clients innovative and competitive solutions, with a high level of dynamism. In the AWS Summit we had the chance to witness first hand technologies that still are not open to the public, but that will let us enhance our services and drive even better our software development activities.

Profesionales Amazon Web ServicesWould you like to have your projects and businesses growing in a controlled way, and following a previously established projection? Do you want to reinforce your customers relationships but still haven’t figured out an adequate strategy for that? Do you feel your company has achieved a point where it can’t grow anymore, and you feel stuck compared to your competitors?
Keep this in mind: In Morris & Opazo we add value to your business. Our specialty is in providing Business Solutions in the field of Information Technologies. We are a group of people in constant professional and personal growth, ready to help you achieve success.

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