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Amazon Retail in Chile: What’s in it for you?

Amazon Retail en Chile: ¿Qué significa para ti?

The fact that Amazon had decided to start operations in Chile is generating a wide set of emotions and expectations which, one way or another, will touch the life of the Chilean population. Just consider this: the country has been chosen as the 2nd in South America to host their operations in a local way (both in retail and software development). This should remind us of the good work we’ve been doing so far, that our economy is strengthening its worldwide presence, and that we must increase our commitment to improve our commercial activities.

However, there are some obvious questions that rise with the arrival of a huge company like Amazon. So if you:

No matter your role in the society -producer, dealer or consumer of products, the arrival of Amazon to Chile promises to generate a whole new world of possibilities, coming out of this solid company with more than 20 years of experience in ecommerce, and a physical presence in all 5 continents. A giant is coming…

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