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Morris & Opazo releases in the AWS Marketplace a Machine Learning based Forecast solution

Morris & Opazo lanza solución de Forescast en el Marketplace de AWS usando tecnología de Machine Learning

A few days after the start of 2020, Morris & Opazo team celebrates the release of Open Forecast Engine, its first application in the AWS Marketplace.

This new development adds to the different Machine Learning projects that the Morris & Opazo team has been implementing through the Artificial Intelligence services provided by Amazon Web Services.

Thus, this new tool based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, has the great utility of being able to make time series forecasts.

In simpler words, it allows to accurately make predictions. In addition to this, it provides information on the performance of the model used as a descriptive analysis of the series.

Use cases

This forecast engine can be applied in different daily activities in areas such as inventory planning, sales forecasts, investments, among others.

Nicolás Pino, a member of the Morris & Opazo Data Science team and project leader, explains that although the “techniques and algorithms used for data processing are complex, the design is intuitive and simple to use, since only requires two inputs for its operation; the time series data and the parameters of the phenomenon to be predicted ”.

Pino also explains that this tool can already be used by accessing the AWS Marketplace. The subscription is free, the only thing the user must bear will be the costs of the “Container Service” of the Amazon Web Services platform.

To learn more about this solution, please go to:

  • To use now the Open Forecast Engine, you may access the AWS Marketplace through the next link:

Do you know how to get the image? Watch the video below.

Execution and Administration


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